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In 2003, on the first Sunday of Advent, Dignity Palm Springs celebrated its very first Mass.  It was, therefore, deemed fitting to observe with appropriate festivities the chapter's sixth anniversary in the Fall of 2009.  It was done with a celebratory dinner at Leon's Bar & Grill on Murray Avenue in Palm Springs, on Saturday evening, November 14, 2009.  Shown below are some candid photos taken at the event.

In the photo above, Bill LaMarche, the chairperson of the chapter's governing
Council, extends a heartfelt welcome to all at the celebration.

The Guest Speaker for the event was Fr. Geoff Farrow.  He spoke out at his Fresno
parish to oppose Prop 8 (which amended the California Constitution, to ban GLBT
marriage), at great personal sacrifice.  Click here for more info on Fr. Farrow.

A custom is developing to make cash grant(s) from the chapter's AIDS Fund at its
annual Anniversary Dinner.  This time, a $1,000 cash grant was awarded to the
Golden Rainbow Senior Center, in Palm Springs.  In the photo above, its Execu-
tive Director Harry Stern is shown at the right with his partner Michael next to him;
and at the left is Jerry DiNoto, a chapter member and its current Liturgy Chairper-
son.  Earlier this Summer (to avoid delay in this time of increased need), the chap-
ter also gave a $1,000 grant from its AIDS Fund to the AIDS Assistance Project.

At each Anniversary Dinner, a Silent Auction is held. It helps to maintain the chap-
ter's finances in good shape.  In the photo above, some of the wares up for bids in
the Silent Auction at this year's event are shown.

Members and long-time partners (and now married) Martín (left) and Greg (right)
view the proceedings intently; and in the deep background to the left can be seen
Kevin Steen, a member of Dignity Los Angeles.

The camera does not record what was so amusing; but obviously all are enjoying
themselves.  Starting at the rear and working counterclockwise around the table,
shown are Dennis, Nacho, Fr. John, Pablo, Kevin (from the Los Angeles chapter,
with his back to the camera), Keith (from the Los Angeles chapter), and Michael
(who is almost entirely hidden behind Keith).

Left to right are member Michael and Keith (from the Los Angeles chapter).

Above is a copy of the front cover of the Program book for the event.
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