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      GAY PRIDE PARADE IN 2008      

Each year, there is a Gay Pride weekend in Palm Springs, in mid-Fall.  In 2008, it was no different: Gay Pride was held the weekend of November 1 and 2; and the parade proceeded down Palm Canyon Drive, through downtown Palm Springs on Sunday morning.  Attendance was heavy in the crowds lining the street; and they were extremely vocal in making their pleasure known to all. A good time was had by all, particularly in view of the refreshingly mild temperature on a bright, sunny day.  Below are some candid photos of the event, including the chapter's participation in the parade.

In the photo above, Bill and Rob are shown (left to right) at work preparing a car
and signs for use by the chapter in its participation in the parade.  Those signs
promoted the chapter on one side and on the other side urged a "No" vote on
Proposition 8 that proposed to insert a ban on gay marriage into the Constitution
of California.  Our opposition to that proposed ban got much approval from the
crowds lining the parade route.

In the photo above, Rob and Bill are shown again (left to right), next to the chapter's
car after it had arrived at the parade route and had lined up with other participating
vehicles, in the order they would step off for the start of the parade.

With the Presidential election (with Proposition 8 also on the ballot) only two days
away, there was no way that the election would not surface during the festivities.
Above are supporters of Obama and opponents of the proposed ban on gay marriage.

A gay parade without colored balloons? Surely you jest.

Dressing up (if "up" is the right word) of many kinds is also inevitable at gay events;
and this one surely did not disappoint!

There were also classic cars, another form of dressing up for the event.

Some who dressed up might have also enjoyed having one of those classic cars
to help show off their form of dressing up.
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