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      MEMORIAL DAY PARTY IN 2008      

Each year, the chapter celebrates the start of Summer by having a Memorial Day party. In 2008, the party was held at the home of members Jerry and Ron, from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. A good time was had by all in attendance, particularly in view of the refreshingly mild temperature. Below are some candid photos taken at the party.

In the photo above are shown (left to right) partners Joaquin and Jack.

In the photo above are shown (left to right) chapter Liturgy Co-Chairperson
David Valenzuela, chapter Chairperson Bill LaMarche, and visitor John.

In the photo above is shown Michael (center), hobknobbing with Keith (left) and
Jay (right), visitors from Dignity/L.A.

In the photo above are shown (left to right) Benny and partner Floyd, with David,
Bill, John, and Rob in the deep background.

In the photo above is a panoramic view of the patio/pool area, showing (left
to right, though some are more clearly seen than others) Kevin, Rob, Keith,
Michael, Jay, Joaquin, Ron, John, Bill, Julio, and David.

In the photo above are shown Michael (front center), with (in the background, from
left to right) Julio, John, David, and (rather obscured by a post) Bill.
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