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Palm Springs:

Dignity Palm Springs
P.O. Box 4487
Palm Springs, CA 92263

Phone: (760) 408-2456
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Last update: September 2017



P.O. Box 376
Medford, MA 02155-0004

Phones: (202) 861-0017 or
               (800) 877-8797
Fax: (781) 397-0584
E-Mail: info@dignityusa.org
Website: www.dignityusa.org
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Getting to Dignity

Since March 2010, the chapter's Sunday liturgies have been held at St. Paul in the Desert Church, in Palm Springs, at 5 pm. Click on Map (or on the Map link in the banner at the top of each page of this website) for a map showing the location of St. Paul in the Desert; and watch here (or the News Flashes column found on the Home page of this website) for any further information on getting there easily.

Due to a January 2010 fire at the chapter's former location, the chapter does not expect to return to that former location.

Leadership of Dignity/Palm Springs

Dignity/Palm Springs is governed by a five-member Council, that is headed by the chairperson of the Council.  Members of the Council are elected to two-year, staggered terms of office, as follows: The chairperson of the Council, the Liturgy chairperson, and the Communications chairperson are each elected at the end of odd-numbered years to serve a two-year term of office beginning on the following January 1; and the Finance chairperson and the Membership chairperson each are elected at the end of even-numbered years to serve a two-year term of office beginning on the following January 1. All the current members of the Council are shown in the list below, along with the Council position of each.

Council Members

Term of Office: unspecified Term of Office: unspecified

Chairperson of the Council:

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