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               "The arc of the moral universe is long, but
                       it bends toward justice."

                                                                                                           Martin Luther King, Jr.

About Us

    Dignity is a prophetic voice for reform, in Church and Society. Wonderous how much easier it is to say so with conviction so many years after our small, first steps back in 1969 (the year of the Stonewall riots, that gave birth to the modern GLBT movement).
    Who can seriously doubt that once the Church itself had admitted that being homosexual was not a choice for most of us, straights and gays alike would then refuse to deny us our sexuality? So the only "reason" that was left was how we express our love for each other; and that is an inadequate reason, one that cannot be attributed credibly to the Christ we know from the Gospels.
    So right now, if you have not already done so, click on Sexuality (here or in the Link lines found in the banner at the top of each page of this website) to read our critique of the teachings of the Church. Also read just what those teachings are, in words of the Church's own choosing in its Catechism and other documents (from the Vatican and from the American Bishops), as linked in the critique or found on (or linked from) the Resources page of this website; and read Dignity's own Statement of Position & Purpose (by clicking on SP&P, here or up top, on each page) and a statement of its position on Sexual Ethics and its Guidelines on the pastoral care of GLBTs.
    Form your own conscience on the issues, in both a careful and prayerful manner. It is your sacred duty to do so, as well as your inherent DIGNITY as a human being, created and loved unconditionally by God, who created you. See the Vatican Council II quote found in the box on our Home page.
    A final thought: one specific insight of Catholicism is that salvation takes place in community, including at the Eucharistic table, at Mass. We hope that you will join us in such celebrations, as often as you are able. Just click on Contact Us here or under the banner found up top, on each page, for more information on how to get to visit us (including a link to a Map with a zoom in and out feature, plus a link that offers you specific Directions).
    See you soon.

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    I am John Butkis, the chairperson of the Council that governs Dignity Palm Springs.
    This is a very exciting time for Dignity/Palm Springs. We have been making a lot of changes to increase our profile, in order to make us more effective in serving our dual roles of advocating for the reform of the institutional Church and seeking to serve the spiritual needs of the GLBT community in the meantime as well.
    We now have Liturgy (Mass) each Sunday at 5 pm. Of course, we have Liturgies on special occasions as well.
    In late 2007, we moved to a new location, for worship and for meetings and social activities also. However, in January 2010, there was a fire in the building, forcing the chapter to move once again. Thanks to the generosity of St. Paul in the Desert Episcopal Church, we are again able to have our liturgies and meetings on its premises. Click here for a map to St. Paul.
    We are also doing more advertising of our activities. If you are reading this online, you will already know that we have a newly-expanded and improved website. We hope that you will explore this website, in detail, to learn more about us and how you yourself might support, even join, our cause.
    Please visit this website frequently to keep posted on chapter activities. There is always a This Month calendar and a Next Month calendar on the website (see banner at the top of each page to go to either of them. Features are added to this website from time to time, to make it still more effective in promoting our cause.
    As you may know, Dignity does not seek to supplant the institutional Church but rather to reform it, to make it a more welcoming faith community for all, particularly for GLBTs. We also network with other reform organizations to help to make our efforts more effective.
    At Dignity, we believe that we honor, worship, and love God in the best of the Catholic tradition; and we shed the shackles of stigmatism and dishonor that GLBTs endure in much of the institutional Church. By our very existence, we promote reform so GLBTs can come to be affirmed and to participate fully in all aspects of both Church and Society. God is a God of acceptance and unconditional love; and we believe that at Dignity we have created a very secure place to worship God and to celebrate that acceptance and love.
    We are hoping to see you, for our celebration of the Mass, and other activities as well. Make plans to visit sometime soon!

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To access the pages of this website with illustrative photos about the chapter and its activities, click on the subjects that interest you in the index just below (and each page of photos has a link at the bottom of that page that will return you to this index, so just click on it to return to this Index).
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